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2nd Annual Ford Petersen Spay Day at Alicia Pet Care Center

Written by // Tim Wheaton: Office & Media Manager Categories // My Pets Dr Blog, cat health, dog health


spaydayAlicia Pet Care Center (APCC), 25800 Jeronimo Road, Suite 100, Mission Viejo, a full service veterinary hospital, would like to announce their 2nd Annual Ford Petersen Spay Day in honor of Ford Peterson, a long-time employee and friend. 

Alicia Pet Care Center will be immediately accepting requests from the community to be entered into a lottery system for a comprehensive spay or neuter service for up to 50 dogs and cats on Sunday, February 23th, 2014. These services will be at no cost to those that are chosen. To add your name to the lottery (each dog or cat is a separate entry), please call 949-768-1313 before Wednesday, February 19th at 7pm. Those that are selected will be notified by Friday, February 21st.



Written by // Tim Wheaton: Office & Media Manager Categories // My Pets Dr Blog, pet safety, cat health, dog health


We are actually giving this a little bump from its usual time-slot. February 26 is World Spay Day. However, the month of February is dedicated to Pet Dental Health. So, since spaying and neutering your pet is something not to be overlooked, we are separating these out for you. 

bob barker spay neuterA lot of us may have first heard the words 'spay and neuter' courtesy of Bob Barker on The Price is Right... and probably didn't even know what he was talking about. It seems like such an easy message to so many of us, an almost innate idea that is somehow inserted into your grey matter the moment you bring home your first pet. A lot of pet-owners still don't know the best timeframe for having these procedures done on their animals. The ideology on "best and safe" practice for the spaying and neutering of animals has evolved over the years. The spaying and neutering of pets at a very early age used to be commonplace within the veterinary community. Recent studies show some of the health risks that can occur in specific breeds that experience early altering (including hip dysplasia, torn knee ligaments and even some forms of cancer). Over the past     6 - 12 months, these findings have encouraged our doctors to amend their recommendations for the ideal timing of spays and neuters in dogs.



Written by // Tim Wheaton: Office & Media Manager Categories // My Pets Dr Blog, pet safety


clark 200hOh, Christmas Tree...Oh, Christmas Tree: why dost thou create such a hazard? The tree is the centerpiece of holiday decoration (even though Clark Griswold might argue it's the outdoor lights). We plan the day to get the tree with the family, battle with the Jones'es and find the perfectly full tree for that nook we plotted out in the living room. Once the tree is up, you may not have put the lights on it yet, but your pet's eyes just sure lit up. Especially your cat's. Cats are natural climbers and have an instinctual predisposition to be at a higher level. Be sure to securely anchor your tree as much as possible to avoid curious pets pushing or pulling it over. If you add glass, breakable or edible decorations to your tree, try to keep them higher than your pet's paws can reach to knock them down. Shards of breakable ornaments are sharp and could be very dangerous in a number of ways. Clean up fallen pine needles regularly to avoid ingestion. Keep your pets from drinking the tree stand water and try to avoid adding some of those toxic tree preservatives to the water.


Written by // Tim Wheaton: Office & Media Manager Categories // My Pets Dr Blog, cat health, dog health

Cancer is the Number One Disease-Related Killer of Dogs and Cats

xray prep 300wCancer in pets has a number of similarities to the human form(s) of cancer. Like human cancer, it can occur in virtually any part of your dog's body. Although cancer is more common in dogs than it is in cats, it's often more aggressive in cats.  

Ten of the most common cancer-related conditions:

1.  Lymphosarcoma or Lymphoma
2.  Skin Cancer (Malignant Skin Neoplasia)
3.  Splenic (Spleen) Cancer
4.  Bone or Joint Cancer
5.  Hepatic (Liver) Cancer
6.  Thoracic (Chest) Cancer
7.  Bladder Cancer
8.  Brain or Spinal Cord Cancer
9.  Oral (Mouth) Cancer
10. Peritoneal Cancer

Treating these pet cancers can be a heavy financial burden for pet owners. In 2011, just one pet health insurance provider stated their policyholders spent more than $17.4 million on the top 10 cancer-related conditions. Lymphosarcoma or Lymphoma was the most expensive condition on the list, costing its policyholders an average of $2,367 per pet. 

The importance of pet owners being educated on recognizing the symptoms and the signs of pet cancer is an imperative part of the fight against the disease. 



Written by // Tim Wheaton: Office & Media Manager Categories // My Pets Dr Blog, pet safety

How To Limit The Fright Factor Of This Holiday For Your Pets

Princess Dog CostumeHalloween can be so much fun for the humans in the family, but it can be the complete opposite for the animals in your household. It's common to think of the 4th of July as one of the scariest days of the year for pets, but there's more than just alarming sounds to spook our furry family members on October 31. Let's look at some of the most common issues: 

  • Electric Halloween decorations could be mistaken for treats and your pets could also get entangled in dangling cords or decorations. To avoid these hazards, keep all cords and decorations out of their reach and you can also encase any cords in plastic tubing.
  • Trick-or-Treaters could frighten your dog, even if its his own family members in costumes and masks. Even the friendliest of dog could potentially attack out of fear or run away. It may be best to keep your dog in a quiet and separate part of your home, away from the front-door activity of trick-or-treating families. 
  • A good amount of the treats you have around the house could make your animals sick. Chocolate is toxic to dogs; the darker and less sweet the chocolate, the more poisonous and dangerous it is for dogs. 
  • Halloween pranksters have been known to prey on pets, unfortunately, especially black furred pets. Make sure you keep an eye on your animals Halloween night. 
  • Lit candles and Jack-O-Lanterns are an obvious hazard inside and outside of the home. These can be so easily bumped over by pets, or even by their wagging tails. Make sure to keep these out of their reach. 

Keep Halloween "safe and sane" for all of the members of your family... the upright walkers and the paw walkers.

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