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4th Annual Ford Petersen Spay Day at Alicia Pet Care Center

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spaydayAlicia Pet Care Center (APCC), 25800 Jeronimo Road, Suite 100, Mission Viejo, a full service veterinary hospital, would like to announce their 4th Annual Ford Petersen Spay Day in honor of Ford Peterson, a long-time employee and friend. 

Alicia Pet Care Center will be immediately accepting requests from the community to be entered into a lottery system for a comprehensive spay or neuter service for up to 50 dogs and cats on Sunday, February 28th, 2016. These services will be at no cost to those that are chosen. To add your name to the lottery (each dog or cat is a separate entry), please call 949-768-1313 before Wednesday, February 24th at 7pm. Those that are selected will be notified by Friday, February 26th.

ford petersen“On Feb 11th, 2013 the world lost an incredible human being, Ford Petersen. Ford was set to graduate from UC Davis and was following his dream of becoming a veterinarian. All of us at Alicia Pet Care Center were lucky to have spent the last 4 summers with Ford in our lives and he touched each and every one of us in his own unique way. Ford was a kind and gentle giant of a young man and was dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the animals that he worked with,” stated Dr. Matthew Wheaton. “In an effort to allow Ford to make the lasting impact on pets in our community that he so desired, we are pleased to partner with the Ford Petersen Foundation to offer this valuable community service."

"Ford was a dear friend to all of us at Alicia Pet Care Center and left a lasting impression on our hearts. He loved helping animals and hoped to make a long-term difference by becoming a veterinarian. While we feel empty with his passing, we hope to allow his life to permanently help animals that are truly in need by designating one day each year as a day of giving back to our community."

Any donations received will go to The Pet Rescue Center, a tax-exempt charity under the IRS code section 501c3, tax ID#26-1439645.

**optional ancillary services such as vaccinations, lab testing and microchips will be offered at discounted rates.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible to put in the lottery for a free spay or neuter your pet must meet the below criteria:

  • "Owned" pets only please. Rescue groups interested in spay or neuter services for their pets awaiting a forever home should This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for info on our available programs.
  • No dog spays for "in-heat" dogs.  Last heat cycle should have ended at least 2 months prior to surgery.
  • No neuters for "cryptorchid" dogs or cats. Dogs or cats with both testicles not in the scrotum are not allowed to participate.

Call (949) 768-1313 to enter.  Be prepared to provide the following information to our receptionists:  

  • Pet Owner's name, cell phone number and email address
  • Pet's name, age, sex, breed, approximate weight
  • Female dog: over 7 months, last heat cycle ended when?
  • Male pet: are both testicles in the scrotum?

About the Author

Tim Wheaton: Office & Media Manager

Tim WheatonA part of the APCC team since September of 2013 as the Office Manager and Media Manager.  His career previously had been steeped in the Title Insurance Industry for over a decade. He has managed staffs in multiple industries, locally and overseas. His marketing and Social Media skills were learned as he manages his own photography business & podcast called "Daddy Unscripted" about being a dad.

There is no coincidence in the shared last name. Tim is Dr. Wheaton's younger brother and has been around APCC and the staff since its inception. Life has come full-circle in that way, as Tim and his brother used to spend nearly every day during summers in their youth at their Dad's veterinary practice in Corona Del Mar.  Dr. Wheaton was always the son destined to follow in their father's footsteps, while Tim was always the more creative-minded one of the two. 

Tim and his wife have two kids of their own and two furry children (Rusty & Audrey), sibling cats adopted from The Pet Rescue Center in 2011. 

Tim will be keeping you up to date with APCC happenings via social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – with pictures, pet health tips, travel tips and ways to keep your babies happy and healthy.

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