Jen Lassler, DVM


lasslerwhubbyHi, I’m Jen Lassler! I was born in the Los Angeles area where I grew up with my mom, older brother, and 2 (very large and furry) mixed breed dogs. “Pumpkin” and “Barkey” were my best friends and, when I was 5, we took them to our veterinarian to get their vaccines. They were tough cookies, and didn’t cry at the doctor (like I did). I knew I wanted to help animals feel better and prevent them from getting sick. Mostly, I just wanted to be surrounded by dogs and cats!  Every Career Day at school, veterinarian stayed at the top of my list… followed by baker and private eye.

In my sophomore year of high school I was part of a biomedical science program, and I wanted my annual project to focus on veterinary medicine. I walked into my local veterinary hospital and was given the opportunity to study the efficacy of a de-wormer on animals with tapeworms. During the project, I was offered an after-school job there as a kennel assistant. I worked there for the next 5 years, caring for animals that were boarding there and helping with appointments.
After high school, I obtained dual associate degrees at Pasadena City College. At my brother’s suggestion, I enrolled in Mt. San Antonio College’s veterinary technician program to get my tech license. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about becoming a veterinarian. It strengthened my human-animal bond as well as provided me with a strong foundation to grow from.

During the program, I spent a very educational year training as a veterinary technician at VCA in Pasadena. I then moved on to a full-fledged tech position at Animal Specialty Group, obtained my RVT license, and worked there for 8 years in the ICU and oncology departments. During this time I was accepted into Cal Poly Pomona, where I received my bachelor’s degree in animal science.

New and interesting cases fascinated me (and my inner detective) and I always wanted to keep learning, so I continued to work throughout college. I was accepted into the Veterinary Program at Western University of Health Sciences, where I spent 4 years studying hard and traveling to many hospitals in and out of California. During my time at Western, I married my husband, Sean, who had introduced me to the joys of cat ownership! After achieving my doctorate, I did a small animal internship at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital where I was able to work with very critical cases and advance my skills.

Now I live in Orange County with my husband and our two gray kitties, “Marbles” and “Gandalf.” There is never a dull moment with this bunch. I am pursuing general practice to be able to follow my patients from puppies to senior citizens, and help keep them healthy all their live-long days!

Jen Lassler, DVM

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